The new Media and Marketing Agency, 8600 MEDIA has just recently opened their doors for official business.

8600 Media LTD is a management agency specialized in campaign management and advertising on social media. Brought to you by the great minds behind some of the most viral content available on the web.

Founded by the duo TrulsAandaland Alex Arteaga, the company has officially started taking on clients.

‘We started 8600 Media when we realized that we had knowledge and talent within advertising and how to get the most out of your money by running targeted ads. It all started a couple years ago with outreach to smaller businesses, asking them if they’d let us run their social media campaigns. We achieved great results, and the referrals started coming in. We realized quickly that we wouldn’t be able to run this any further without establishing a company around it. And here we are – presenting 8600 Media!’, Truls says.

Social media is a place for major businesses to act small again, and for small businesses to act big. It’s all about the presentation, and 8600 Media has already proven success, by taking control of failing brand awareness campaigns, turning them around and allowing businesses to grow and prosper just off their social reach.

The company recently launched their website –