Coronavirus or 2019-nCoV outbreak started in Wuhan, China. WHO along with government officials and experts are closing working to understand more about this novel virus. They are finding solutions to mitigate the risk of this outbreak and providing measures to individuals on protecting their health.

Just when the world had stopped worrying a bit about Ebola and SARS, outbreak of Coronavirus continues to spread, sickening thousands of people. This virus has given shivers to people across the world. The novel illness originated in China and has affected people in Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, and the U.S. Scientists believe that its origin is same like SARS and that this virus has transmitted from animals to humans. Studies say that the selling of live animals in the markets of China may be the main cause of this virus outbreak. People who have got affected with this virus were either in touch with seafood or live animal market in Wuhan, where this outbreak began.

What are officials doing?

This Coronavirus is spreading across the world due to international travel. Officials have put measures to prevent the further spread of 2019-nCoV. Some of the measures include health screening at airports and travel restrictions in China. It is estimated that over 30 million people may get affected from this virus in China. The US officials have imposed a ‘no-travel’ warning to China for some time. According to the WHO, around 98 cases have been recorded in 18 countries. Non-emergency personnel and their families have been advised by the U.S. government to leave Wuhan.

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How worried should the folks be?

Experts say that any virus that penetrates into the human body and affects it is dangerous. Yes, people should be worried. However, we should not give the virus the opportunity to enter into our body. Chinese authorities have taken the right decision by quarantining Wuhan. Scientists are continuously trying to check if anti-viral drugs will have an impact on this virus. Companies such as Johnson and Johnson are currently working on to develop drug for this virus. People who are affected by coronavirus are kept in isolation and are provided with breathing support. Know more about respiratory devices by clicking on the link below:

As of now, there are no drugs or vaccines or any other type of treatment for this contagious virus. However, the work for developing an anti-drug or vaccine is under process. It is very important for all of us to be aware of different types of vaccines, so as to be well-prepared for such severe circumstances. It has been proved that vaccine development possesses the potential to transform the health of an individual by eradicating the threat of chronic diseases. Please click on the link below to know more about different vaccines.

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