Leading provider of tech solutions, dPhone, announces the launch of an app to secure phone conversations

January 29, 2020 – With cybercrime on the rise, the new dPhone app designed to help users keep phone conversations private and secure must be a welcome idea globally. Described as “the most secure calling app,” the dPhone app has impressed early users with a cutting-edge end-to-end encryption system and P2P architecture. The user-friendly mobile app is currently available on Google Play for Android users.

Despite technology coming a long way over the past decade, concerns have risen about how easy hackers get into said devices. While phone calls can be appreciated for enhancing communication, privacy and security of users’ information passed using along on these devices have been easily intercepted by unauthorized third parties. Albeit unsatisfactorily, several solutions have been developed to encrypt communication and ensure the safety of information. dPhone app’s emergence on the scene will ensure an abrupt end to illegal hijacking of data passed during phone calls.

The new piece of technology will beef up security on both incoming and outgoing calls. So far, early birds are happy with the innovation because it protects users from industrial espionage, criminal eavesdropping, and even government surveillance. Unlike other secure communication tools that focus on only encryption, dPhone also uses Blockstack IDs to verify the identities of incoming callers. This helps to protect users against man-in-the-middle attacks. Other benefits of using the app include P2P calling without mixing server, a user-friendly interface with no ads or tracking. Unlike most encryption software, dPhone app runs without any need to install extra hardware.

The app is already garnering reviews from users across the globe, thanks to its amazing features. “Nice app. The concept of completely private end-to-end voice calls is perfect for the times we live in. Hope to use this app more and more,” said Michael Palmer.

For more information about dPhone and the solutions offered, visit – https://dphone.app. dPhone also has a relatively strong presence on social media, connect with the team on Twitter and Github.

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