Orbis Research report titled “Japan Smart Home Market, Number, Household Penetration (by Application Areas), Policies, Trends & Key Company Profiles – Forecast to 2026” provides a comprehensive assessment of the fast-evolving, high-growth Japan Smart Home Industry.

Japan is focusing on introducing energy efficient supportive devices and smart homes. Recently, Japanese government is leveraging for establishing general ECHONET Standard and infrastructure assistance with the support of HEMS devices and public smart home plans. This is considered as the primary factors driving the Japan smart home market. Due to the increasing majority of Japanese citizens living in the city, the Japan smart home market is offering a wide scope of opportunities to several different smart home prominent vendors to develop consumer electronics, housing equipment maker, house builders, and communication. It is anticipated that leading manufacturers of Japan smart home market are on the verge to showcase new developments and advanced technologies in the coming years.

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Geography-wise, most of the Asia-based regions have lack of universal criteria and this however results to the increasing absence of universal criteria of several other smart home devices companies. The leading players of the Japan smart home market are focusing on innovating smart home equipment on various standards to avoid integrated issues. The ECHONET Standard Japanese government has efficiently formulated and scaled universal measures specifically for smart home equipment companies to benefit faster growth of smart home equipment industry.

The smart home market in Japan is predicted to exceed US$ 10 Billion by 2026. Japan offers a lucrative market opportunity for the Smart home industry. There is a growing demand in the Japanese market for safe and secure living environment, especially concerning safety functionalities and discrete monitoring for elderly people; also, since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, Japan has been focused on building energy efficient smart homes and supportive devices. Smart home is a system that allows home owner to control and monitor different devices in home including the heating, lighting, security, and entertainment, automatically and sometimes remotely via the Internet. In Japan, household penetration for smart home applications is estimated at around 12% in 2019.

The lack of standard operational protocols and electrical interfaces has previously impeded the growth of smart home market. The Ministry of Trade, Economy, and Industry, together with the JSCA (Japan Smart Community Alliance), designated the ECHONET Consortium’s ECHONET Lite protocol as the country’s recommended standard for HEMS equipment. Japan aims to achieve “Society 5.0” in the future through the full utilization of technological innovation including IoT, AI and Big Data derived from the fourth industrial revolution.

Japan Smart Home Market – Key Company Profiles

  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Sony Corporation
  • iTSCOM
  • Secual Inc
  • Connected Design Inc

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The growth of Smart home market is attributed to factors such as significantly growing IoT market, cost reduction measures enabled by home automation systems, large number of manufacturers expanding their product portfolios, and increasing importance of home monitoring from remote locations. With the increasing demand of smart home devices, security and privacy breach is also increasing. The issues pertaining to privacy and security breach are restraining the growth of the smart home market.

Japan Smart Home Market – By Application Areas

In terms of Smart Home applications, Smart Appliances captured maximum share of the Japan smart home market. Smart appliances are the next generation of home appliances that have the ability to receive, interpret, and act on a signal received from a user, and then they automatically adjust their operation to save energy. Control and Connectivity is the second largest application segment of the Japan smart home market, followed by Security applications at the third spot. Control and Connectivity is at the heart of smart home solutions, enabling everything from smart appliances to lighting, from temperature control to security. Home Entertainment market captured nearly 18% share of the market in 2019, while the Energy Management application captured least share of the Japan smart home market.

Japan Smart Home Active Households – By Application Areas

On the basis of Smart Home volume, Control and Connectivity segment captured highest share of the Japan Smart Home active households in 2019, being followed by Comfort and Lighting and Home Entertainment segment. The growth of home automation and rapid developments in wireless smart technology has led to an explosion in the range of smart home entertainment devices, thus driving the market for smart home. Security application captured least share of the Smart Home active households in 2019. With improvement in network infrastructure, broadband and internet penetration has increased, and consumers are increasingly opting for wireless and technologically advanced products to ensure more security for their families. As the trend towards home automation and smart homes grows, the market will witness significant growth.

Japan Smart Home Market – Application Areas

  1. Control and Connectivity (Home Automation)
  2. Comfort and Lighting (Home Automation)
  3. Home Entertainment
  4. Smart Appliances
  5. Energy Management
  6. Security Application

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This 110 Page report with 43 Figures and 4 Tables has been analyzed from 7 viewpoints:

  1. Japan Smart Home Market, Volume, Household Penetration and Forecast (2015 – 2026)
  2. Japan Smart Home Market Share Analysis – By Application Areas (2015 – 2026)
  3. Japan Smart Home Active Households Share – By Application Areas (2015 – 2026)
  4. Japan Smart Home Market, Number of Active Households and Households Penetration – By Application Areas (2015 – 2026)
  5. Japan National Smart Home Standardization Policy
  6. Japan Smart Home Market – Key Company Profiles
  7. Japan Smart Home Market – Growth Drivers and Challenges

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