SocialChamps, a full-service creative digital performance marketing agency based in India and the USA continues to build impulse with the introduction of Digital Marketing Audit.

An internal strategy, Digital Marketing Audit enables SocialChamps to stand apart from rivals by offering matchless standardization, governance and transparency of agency practices. This helps to set the foundation that ensures best-in-class practices for outlining and executing client campaigns, which impacts total efficiencies and client returns. In the digital industry, Digital Marketing Audit will provide a competitive edge, as well as build flexibility at scale, which will prove a differentiator for SocialChamps.

Are you doing it right? Get an Audit done with Digital Experts.

“Digital Marketing Audit is a notable milestone for us. As one of the biggest product launch in the agency’s history, it strengthens SocialChamps’ credentials as a dynamic provider of digital marketing services. We are regularly challenging ourselves to raise the bar on development of strategy and deliver the finest results for our clients. This powerful service will use cutting-edge skills, technology and allow us to provide the best ROI for our clients.”, said Gajanan Sapate, SocialChamps Director.

Digital Marketing Audit not only benefits customers by providing uniformity and aggressive insights, but it takes the auditing process to a completely new level and contains overall achievement, as well as growth. Clients can see every step in the lifecycle of a digital campaign and get an overview of the driving force and overall success.

“The core of Digital Marketing Audit sprawls in an auditing platform that focuses on special digital channels including organic digital, paid search and social, and mobile. Digital Marketing Audit was designed so that over the course of an audit process, the progress of a campaign can be observed to pinpoint fields of business early on, allowing us to make necessary changes efficiently. This service will change the digital world when it comes to measuring the overall success of a campaign. As Digital Marketing Audit continues to develop, additional audit strategies will be added to make our service even stronger,” added Gajanan.

The global businesses are demanding a simple yet fast approach to identify and act upon gaps in their customer experiences and marketing performance. Digital Marketing Audit delivers on that, and more, with a fast cross-channel scoring strategy and recommends actions for improvement. Better results mean better customer experiences and better business outcomes. Digital Marketing Audit will provide a backbone to the future customer solutions.

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In the picture, where the world going through rapid digitization, businesses are ramping up their digital adoption, often getting help from the experts is a wise decision. SocialChamps can help businesses like you ideally position in this growing digital arena with their unique digital audit services to support the digital vision of current and rising businesses in the world.

If you are interested in getting in touch with SocialChamps or learning more about the Auditing Services they are offering, you may visit the company’s website for further contact details. In addition, SocialChamps also maintains a nice presence on Facebook, where they have some nice creatives waiting just for you.

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