It is undeniable that Vietnam has some serious competitors in the tourism industry in Southeast Asia with Malaysia and Thailand. Although it hasn’t become a global favorite country yet, the economic opening happened in the 1990s and 2000s and the recent opening to foreign visitors will get it to the place where it belongs to its competitors. Here are some examples of how to improve the tourism industry in Vietnam:

Offering Quick and Easy Visa Procedures

If you want to get your visa on arrival, you should have applied an approval letter in advance before arriving at Vietnam airport. If a solution can be offered for immigration lines at airports for tourists that would improve the overall process. One of the major problems is that Tan Son Nhat International airport is inside the city area, which makes no room for growth and causing tourists to be stuck in traffic when they are trying to reach the airport. Here are other areas that need better strategies:

Domestic Transportation:
If you want to benefit from an increasing number of tourists then you need to invest to achieve this. Vietnam is a crowded city with complex traffic routes, there need to be some new plans and ideas to create a medium for tourists to get around in the city with ease.

Since very few locals speak English in Vietnam, it is challenging for tourists to spend a day in the country. If more automated systems like Touch and Go utilized, the tourists would be able to do their stuff easier around and these systems can also be preferred in transportation.

Halal Tourism:
Middle Eastern countries should be in focus because Muslim countries tend to spend more during a vacation when compared to European citizens.

More Countryside Tours:
If Vietnam vizesi Government invests more in the small countryside cities located around big cities, the centralization movement in big cities can be turned around so that, this can improve the overall quality in bigger cities such as preventing heavy traffic and allowing a cleaner city.

Attracting Cold Climate Countries:
Tourists from cold weather countries may not be accustomed to the weather in Vietnam’s coastal areas, more long-stay package deals can be offered to keep the tourists in the country.

Long-Stay Packages:
One thing for sure will increase Vietnam’s tourism, is that they need to come together with neighboring countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia and offering full packages including neighboring countries.

Choosing the Right Target Audience

Statics show that Middle Eastern visitors enjoy shopping and an average Middle Eastern visitor spends around US$1,750 visit per persona. A visitor from the United Arab Emirates spends around US$1,500 while an Asian visitor spends around US$1,200.The Malaysian government’s focus is on the halal tourism market, but they are way behind other competitors in the market. Thailand attracted 600,000 Middle Eastern visitors, while Malaysia and Indonesia attracted 400,000 and 200,000, respectively. Moreover, they have huge potential visitors. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and 60 percent of this population above age 30.

Another major problem Vietnam faces is, when you search it on Google, you find amazing breathtaking pictures that can easily attract you and consider it is one of the must-go destinations for vacations. However, the real experience is quite different. The beaches are mainly polluted, there is a huge amount of garbage floating in the sea, and so on. If the Vietnam government can create long-lasting and sustainable solutions to these problems, tourism in the country can improve significantly in the following years.